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If any of you use the My Email Domain feature available with iCloud+, please share your experience in the comments. Opinions on this are now very different – especially with regard to the effectiveness of the integrated spam filter. Apple offers significantly fewer configuration options here than with classic internet providers or dedicated mail providers.

Related to this, it’s important to note that Apple has been continuously improving the scope of services and the look and feel of its iCloud offerings over the past few weeks, but it still doesn’t let you buy German domains. Therefore, we would almost describe the option to purchase a domain advertised in connection with the ability to use your own email domain via iCloud as misleading.

Apple works with US carriers

Address Available Ionos

Result from a German provider

If you try to buy an Internet address with the German extension .de through Apple’s iCloud service, you will only see alternatives with US or international extensions, whether they are actually available or not. iCloud ignores the .de extension in the request and reports that the address is not available – even if you could easily get the address you want from a German provider.

iCloud Mail Domain Buy address not available

Result of the same research at Apple

The purchase options listed by Apple will then be displayed in dollar prices only, and if you are interested in purchasing, you will be redirected to the provider Cloudflare. In any case, if you want to use your own domain with Apple’s iCloud+, we recommend that you buy it independently from Apple from a German provider. For example, a (now somewhat outdated) manual for using a .de domain with iCloud+ is available from IONOS.

As a plus in storing your own domain in iCloud mail you can probably mention the accompanying “live push option”, incoming emails can be displayed immediately. Otherwise, the benefits are quite manageable. Email accounts managed by other providers usually integrate seamlessly into Apple Mail and are available, including the associated domain, for just a few dollars per year from a wide variety of providers.

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