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Brendan Shanks can certainly be described as an Apple enthusiast. The programmer works for the development studio Codeweavers and in his spare time has put together a huge archive of videos published by Apple as part of the WWDC developer conference. Until a few days ago, several hundred videos from the past 20 years could be viewed here. These videos almost disappeared from YouTube overnight, and over the weekend, Shanks announced that the video platform had not only deleted his video collection, but had also blocked access to his user account.

In its report, YouTube justified the action by stating that Shanks committed multiple copyright infringements and that the blocking was caused by a complaint from Apple. Legally, of course, there’s nothing wrong with this decision, because Apple should actually own all the rights to the videos in question. Still, one should not only wonder whether the action was justified or even in the spirit of Apple.

Apple’s WWDC Commitment – A Piece of Company History

In addition to preserving and updating a piece of Apple’s corporate history and computing history itself, Shanks has also maintained an extensive archive for developers and interested users, which also reflects Apple’s commitment and steady progress in this area.

Our lawyers and employees are committed to the success of our clients. We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and work with them to achieve their business goals

So far, at least Apple hasn’t felt compelled to comment. Accordingly, it must be assumed that the removal requested by the law firm Kilpatrick Townsend, which works for Apple, is not due to the efforts of overzealous attorneys who advertise their services with the above words, but in fact has the full support of the company. .

However, the documentation does not seem to be completely lost. Apparently Shanks now plans to make the collected files, including the additional text descriptions he created, available for retrieval via the Internet archive.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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