How to train English Cocker Spaniel Puppy

A thought-provoking debate has long existed between individuals, theories and approaches to determine which is the most effective and efficient way to raise children. On one side of the argument, proponents of authoritative parenting advocate for the use of disciplinary measures such as setting boundaries and applying consequences for rule-breaking, as well as providing warmth, empathy and guidance. Opposers of this method instead favour the use of democratic parenting, which invests more heavily in communication and negotiation between parent and child.

Proponents of authoritative parenting suggest that it promotes the development of self-control, independent decision-making, resilience and a respect for authority, by providing consistent and well-defined boundaries and consequences that are applied reasonably. Opposers, conversely, believe that democratic parenting empowers children to develop democratic values and meaningful communication skills, teaches them to use lateral thinking to solve problems, think critically and form opinions of their own.

It is hard to deny that both parenting approaches have varied merits.

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