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Violence can be defined as the use of physical force to harm a person or property. It is a major social issue worldwide and has become increasingly prominent since the beginning of the 21st century. The consequences of violence are far reaching, and include serious physical injury, emotional damage, and even death.

Violence can take many forms. It can include physical, emotional, and sexual forms of abuse and intimidation. It can also include psychological manipulation and threats of harm. It is not limited to individuals; acts of group violence might involve gangs, mobs, or terrorists. States and governments use violence when prosecuting wars and responding to civil unrest.

The causes of violence are complex and can range from economic and social issues, to cultural and systemic injustices. For example, poverty and inequality can lead to displacement and displacement contributes to homelessness, which can lead to an increase in gang-related violence. Similarly, cultural and traditional norms of power and authority can lead to disrespect and inequality,

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