How to train Dandie Dinmont Terrier Puppy

Whenever we talk about an organisation, we consider the different components of it and their roles in contributing to the larger objective. The most common answer to understanding how does an organisation works would be that it is composed of four main elements – people, processes, structure and technology. Each element works in conjunction with another to help the organisation stay organised, efficient and excellent.

The element of ‘people’ can be understood as the employees and the team who work together passionately towards the common goal of the organisation. It is their ceaseless hard-work, passion and commitment towards the organisation that drives the sustainable growth of the organisation. People are the most integral element of an organisation as their energy and focus helps the organisation bring new and innovative ideas for the growth of the organisation.

Equally important is the element of ‘processes’. The idea of processes is derived from the need to have a structure to making things in the organisation. These processes are the standardised procedures and

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