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Born in the late 1700s, Ferdinand VII of Spain is remembered for his ambitious and often oppressive policies. He came to the throne in 1808 after a period of turmoil and civil war meant that the rule of his father, Charles IV, had become increasingly unpopular. Ferdinand’s reign was marked by centralisation and political repression, as well as unpopular policies such as the reintroduction of the Inquisition and Catholic absolutism. Despite this, he was also able to modernise legal and economic systems, and the Spanish extension of power can be seen in the aftermath of his death.

In 1833, Ferdinand VII passed away, after a rule of 25 years and leaving a legacy of political and social upheaval. After his death, many of his policies were overturned and a period of relative liberalisation followed. His daughter Isabella was declared as his successor, though a military uprising, led by Colonel Rafael Riego, eventually brought about a new government and a successful transition to a Constitutional

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