How to train Curly-Coated Retriever Puppy

Pain has been a persistent and inescapable part of human life since time immemorial. As old as human civilization itself, pain has been a source of physical, psychological and emotional suffering – a hallmark of both human life, and the inevitability of mortality. But what exactly is pain, and how does it work?

Pain is the body’s response to noxious or dangerous stimuli, sending signals to the brain to alert it of potential harm. Pain is transmitted via electrical signals relayed along sensory neurons that run from the site of injury throughout the body, allowing us to respond quickly to potential threats, and act accordingly.

At its core, pain is an evolutionary adaptation that serves as a warning system – alerting us to injury, our body’s limitation, and external threats. This is why the experience of pain varies so widely, as it is intensely subjective and dependent on individual circumstances.

For some, the experience of pain is transient. Painful stimuli can often

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