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As the global pandemic continues to ravage our economy, businesses have found their operations largely disrupted, if not completely halted. Many businesses have had to resort to creative and innovative strategies in order to stay afloat, while others have already gone bankrupt. One such strategy is known as business process automation (BPA).

Business process automation is the use of technology to automate and streamline core business processes. These processes can include anything from payroll and accounting, to customer service and human resources. BPA enables businesses to reduce manual labor and free up human capital to concentrate on other important tasks. By automating core processes, companies can become more efficient and reduce overall costs.

So, what are the benefits of business process automation? The primary benefit of BPA is that it can drastically reduce manpower costs, thereby increasing overall efficiency. Automated processes lead to more accurate and timely results, which in turn reduces the possibility of errors that may otherwise occur due to human input. This leads to

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