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This essay will explore the impact of money on a person’s life. To fully understand this topic it is important to consider the implications of wealth on a person’s wellbeing and the way in which money can fundamentally shape a person’s outlook.

For many people, money has had a positive effect on their life. It can provide a greater degree of stability and security, as well as granting people access to necessary resources. Furthermore, money can enable people to pursue their passions and dreams and offer them access to activities and enrichment that would otherwise be inaccessible. Money can bring improved education and healthcare, which can be invaluable assets to those that may not have access to those resources.

However, money can also be potentially damaging if it leads to an individual becoming over-reliant on their strong financial position. In some cases, it can lead to bad spending habits, overspending and a large scale disconnect from reality. Money can also impede moral and ethical decision-making, as individuals will

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