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The question of how morality is defined is one that has been discussed for centuries and is largely debated across the world depending on the location and outlook of individuals. Generally, morality is seen as the standards of behavior related to how a person or group feels it is right or wrong to act. These standards of conduct are respected, legally enforced, and widely accepted within a certain society or community.

At its core, morality is a set of universal principles which govern how individuals should behave in certain situations. Ultimately, morality is based on promoting the highest good for a group; its beliefs take into account both physical and mental wellbeing. By following its proscribed moral guidelines, a society can ensure that its citizens can coexist peacefully, and that a sense of order and justice will be maintained.

While there are some general principles that are applicable across all societies, different cultures hold different views on morality and how it is defined. Some societies may prefer certain behaviors over others, while others

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