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As students of the digital world, we have a unique opportunity to understand the complexities of digital technology and the emerging digital banking system. With the ever-changing digital banking landscape, the current banking system is pushing towards a more digital-first approach, even as traditional methods of banking remain entrenched. What does this new digital banking landscape mean for customers and banks?

To answer this question, we need to understand the basics of digital banking. Digital banking involves the use of digital tools, applications, and services to perform banking tasks and activities such as transferring funds, making payments, managing investments, and managing accounts. Compared to traditional banking methods, digital banking provides increased convenience, reduced costs, and faster access to financial accounts. It also enables customers to gain more control over their finances and access services that otherwise may not have been available.

The advantages of digital banking are clear but there are also associated risks. To ensure the safety and security of digital banking services, banks must stay vigilant with

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