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An introduction to the ideology of feminism is an exploration of the values and beliefs that shape the gender discourse and its implications for equality and human rights. In short, feminism stands for the social, political and economic equality of all sexes. It is a movement that – from its very outset – has sought to challenge and dismantle systemic discrimination, oppression and subjugation of women, all while understanding that these issues affect all genders and not just women.

Feminist theories are invaluable to understanding gender inequality and how it affects lives. It is not only a necessary tool to understand how women’s issues can be addressed, but it is also necessary to deconstruct and challenge long entrenched systems and thought that privilege men and inhibit people of other genders. Feminism helps us to question why power is unequally distributed in society and helps us to understand how women and other genders can be empowered to challenge systems of inequality.

Feminism is not just about gender equality but also about recognizing and

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