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The study of poverty has been a long-standing issue of debate in the social sciences. Not only does this topic challenge economic and policy perspectives, but it has also been used to understand the bi-directional relationship between poverty and various other topics such as health outcomes, education, crime, and access to resources. In short, poverty is a multifaceted and complex phenomenon, and its influence on individuals and communities is far-reaching and pervasive.

In examining poverty, one of the most important questions to consider is what causes it. Poverty can be thought of as a result of certain structural factors, such as inequality between social groups or limited access to resources and opportunities. It can also be seen as the consequence of individual behavior, such as a lack of education or skills or a failure to make productive decisions. Finally, poverty can be linked to both external and internal factors, including political discrimination, natural disasters, and mental health issues. Clearly, poverty is a result of many intertw

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