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The American criminal justice system is often seen as a complex network of legal processes and procedures with many disparate parts. One of the most critical pieces of this system is the sentencing phase – often defined as the decision by a court to impose a particular punishment on an individual found guilty of a crime. Sentencing is a crucial part of the criminal justice system, as it can drastically shape the direction of an individual’s life and impacts the safety of the public.

What is the purpose of sentencing? In short, sentencing is meant to provide a measure of justice for the victims of crime, protect the public from dangerous individuals, and ensure that convicted offenders are held accountable for their actions. This can be accomplished through punishments ranging from fines or community service to probation or incarceration. Additionally, sentencing may include specific measures aimed at rehabilitation, such as drug counseling or court-supervised job training, in order to reduce a person’s likelihood of committing another crime. By taking into account a person’s prior

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