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An intro to the fascinating world of particle physics, the smallest elements of matter, is long overdue. Particle physics explores the fundamental structure of matter, and its study has immensely impacted our understanding of the natural world. Particle physics is at the core of most of our technology, from the newest medical imaging devices to the computers that power modern society. With the help of particle physicists, we can now explore the most fundamental elements of our universe, including the composition of atoms, the origins of matter and energy, and the properties of particles such as quarks and neutrinos.

The most basic question in particle physics is what exactly is a particle? A particle is a fundamental element of matter, typically smaller than atoms and too small to be observed directly. Particle physics studies the properties of particles, such as their energy, momentum, spin, and charge. Through experimentation, particle physicists explore how particles interact and look for evidence of new particle types that may have never been seen before

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