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An introduction to the concept of political economy:
Political economy is an interdisciplinary subfield of economics and political science that seeks to study the development of economic and political systems. It delves into the interrelationships between the two realms and analyzes the ways in which processes such as regulation, policies, and allocation of resources influence and shape economic outcomes. It also looks at how economic policies shape the political strategies of actors within and between countries, and considers the power dynamics that drive economic and political processes and outcomes. In short, the goal of political economy is to reveal the dynamics of power and control that underlie and steer the economic, social, and political life of societies.

In studying these issues, political economy has become a key tool for understanding both the evolution of the global economy and the complex relationships between states, societies, and markets. By analyzing the interplay of institutions and actors at different levels of government, political economy can shed light on the causes and consequences of global

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