How to train Afghan Hound Puppy

The German Shepherd is a widely known breed of dog that is valued for its intelligence, trainability, and loyalty. Owning a German Shepherd is not a decision to be taken lightly as these dogs require a high level of commitment and can be demanding. However, once trained properly, a German Shepherd can become a loyal and devoted companion for life.

Training a German Shepherd puppy requires patience, discipline, and consistency. It helps to start training at a young age, as puppies are still malleable and eager to please. The first step is to ensure the puppy feels safe and secure, making sure to provide a comfortable bed and plenty of toys. Establishing an environment of trust will help your puppy develop its natural abilities and begin to learn. After that, developing good behavior and obedience can be achieved through specific methods such as positive reinforcement, reward systems, and commands. Obedience training should involve teaching your puppy to respond to basic cues such as “sit,” “stay,” and

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