How to train Affenpinscher Puppy

To train a Galgo Español puppy, it is important to ensure the puppy is given all the necessary love, care, support and guidance it needs. It is essential to begin socializing the puppy from a young age, by introducing them to different people, environments, and other animals. Positive reinforcement is the key training tool for this breed. Rewarding their good behaviour will encourage them to repeat it in the future. This should involve verbal praise and small treats at regular intervals to affirm the desired behaviour. Teaching the puppy simple commands such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ will help them to understand how to respond to instructions. Structured exercise sessions are also important to ensure they receive the physical and mental stimulation they need. Lastly, it is important to implement a consistent routine as this will help limit potential behavioural issues.

In summary, training a Galo Español puppy requires patience, dedication, and consistency. Introducing the puppy to different people

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