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The new 5th generation Echo Dot replaced our Echo Flex in the kitchen a few weeks ago and has since proven itself as a timer, fast weather forecaster and converter for US units of measurement.

The new Echo Dot: works mainly as a kitchen companion here

Compared to the Echo Flex, which we chose at the time mainly because of its compact design and clock module, the 5th generation Echo Dot delivers a world better audio reproduction and no longer has just a clock but an extensive multi-function Display that not only timers, but also calculation results, the titles of the played Spotify songs, the indoor temperature or the maximum and minimum values ​​of the daily weather forecast. This is useful if the kettle, animals or children are louder than the voice assistant and mask the sound of the answer.

We recently introduced the new 5th Gen Echo Dot, which Amazon has only been offering since the end of October:

Offered at “loss price”.

As part of Black Friday week, the currently most recommended speaker in the Echo portfolio is now not only available with the first significant price reduction, dropping from €69.99 to just €39.99, Amazon has dropped the asking price even almost halved and also offers an excellent Christmas present.

Echo Dot Generation 5 dimensions

Like I said, like almost all Alexa users, we regularly use only a fraction of the voice assistant’s capacity, but Amazon’s voice assistant cuts a really good figure with the commands we use every day – the Echo Dot with Clock even more so .

Given the massive job losses in the Alexa division of the online retailer and the reference to the non-existent profitability of the Alexa division, which would now be responsible for a minus of more than $ 10 billion, it is also questionable how long Amazon will keep hardware continue offerings as the current one will still offer.

product notice

The new Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022) with clock | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | grey blue 39.99 EUR

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Written by Kim Anderson

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