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Apple’s new iPad models are available today. At best, anyone who pre-ordered early can look forward to their new Apple tablet today. Furthermore, the availability of the devices still looks pretty good, so most German Apple Stores also offer the new iPads in different versions directly to take with you.

The availability of the new iPad models from Apple’s official trading partners is extremely good for an Apple product launch. Amazon already has the devices in stock and, depending on the color and design, can even deliver many variants during the day.

The iPad 10.9″ (10th generation) is currently available direct from Amazon in all colors and can be delivered tomorrow. A glance at the prices quoted makes you smile, as Amazon is already calling some devices “cheaper” than Apple – but for 578.99 euro they only give one cent discount.

iPad 10 at Amazon

The iPad Pro 11″ (Generation 4) can also be ordered in different versions from Amazon for delivery tomorrow. And the larger iPad Pro 12.9″ (Generation 6) is also available from stock at Amazon for next day delivery.

Amazon is currently better equipped than Apple. With the “simple” iPad 10 you sometimes have to wait until November, depending on the color and memory. The two iPad Pro models are more available, but according to current information in the Apple Store, Friday at the earliest.

iPad 9 at Amazon 80 euros cheaper

Apple unveiled the new iPad models last week without the usual “special event”. The new versions have increased in price compared to the previous models, which is probably mainly noticeable in the full-surface screen of the tenth generation iPad. It is probably not for nothing that Apple continues to sell the predecessor here, but Apple now has to pay 429 euros instead of the previous 379 euros. Amazon, on the other hand, currently sells the ninth-generation iPad for just $349.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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