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Online retailer Amazon has announced that it will now also be distributing Echo devices in retirement homes in Germany. Collaborating care and support facilities are not only equipped with the right Echo devices, but can also have the special device customization called “Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living”.

An Alexa preparation that can be roughly compared to a hotel television that provides information about restaurant times and events and can also contact the reception. “Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living” is set up in a similar way.

Seniors should be able to find information about their daily routine on the devices, use the Alexa-to-Alexa calling feature to stay in touch with friends and family, and learn about facility-specific news.

Calls, announcements, lunch menu

Here Amazon cites as an example prepared Echo Show devices in the rooms of the facility’s residents, which could display activities, menus or reminders that are not tied to individual user accounts, but managed centrally.

In addition, the devices can be used for announcements during the daily routine of the facilities and enable rapid communication between staff and residents.

Launch in Italy and Germany

After first attempts in England and France, “Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living” is now also available in Germany and Italy. Amazon has set up a contact form for interested housing providers.

An interesting strategy, especially if we were just wondering what sales opportunities Amazon still has with the not particularly profitable Echo devices.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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