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While Apple’s AirTags have not seen any sales campaigns for a long time (the unit price is currently 33.90 euros), the Apple-certified competitor products from supplier Atuvos are now being offered again with a discount of 40 percent off the retail price.

Atuva tracker

With a list price of 25.99 euros you can take the item seekers individually for only 15.59 euros. The cheap plastic tags differ from Apple’s expensive AirTags in several ways.

With an eye, without UWB

On the one hand, the rectangles have an embedded eyelet and can be attached directly to your own key ring without having to order separate accessories.

On the other hand, the item seekers don’t have short-range localization because they don’t have Apple’s ultra-wideband chip (UWB). In other words, if you’ve lost the key in the same room you’re in, you’ll have to rely on the fob’s sound signal, and you can’t rely on the arrow display, which the “Where is?” application uses to pinpoint the exact position. of the AirTags detected in the room.

Airtag vs Atuvos

However, the Atuvos trailers make a somewhat louder noise and should therefore be found at a correspondingly comparable speed.

Both use Apple’s Find My network

However, when it comes to loss along the way, the two device solutions are no different. Both the AirTags and Atuvos tracker rely on Apple’s “Where’s?” network, which includes nearly all iPhone owners.

If the key is lost with the fob, it continuously draws attention to itself with a Bluetooth signal, which nearby iPhones register while also remembering where the corresponding signal was received. If you mark the pendant as lost, this information will then be passed to you by the Find My network.

product notification

Key finder key finder, ATUVOS Bluetooth tracker and item finder for keys, wallets, luggage, … EUR 15.59 EUR 24.99

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Written by Kim Anderson

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