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IKEA’s new UPPÅTVIND air purifier isn’t smart, and maybe that’s why it deserves a mention. Over the past few months, we’ve repeatedly reported on devices in this category that come with network integration and app connectivity. In connection with this, however, the question of a simple and correspondingly cheap alternative came up again and again.

Ikea air purifier open

IKEA’s UPPÅTVIND is now apparently intended to serve this segment and will go on sale at a price of 35 euros. You can buy the right particulate filter as an accessory for 5 euros.

Regarding the performance of the compact air filter with socket connection, IKEA specifies an optimal room size of up to seven square meters, in which the air can then be circulated five times per hour. The UPPÅTVIND has three fan speeds and should equally prove itself as an air purifier for the kitchen or as a dust and particle filter in the bedroom. The filter insert is optimized to absorb more than 99.5 percent of the small particles in the air, such as dust and pollen up to PM 2.5.


According to IKEA, an LED display in the device indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. In general, the advice is to use one of the new 5 euro filters after a maximum of six months. IKEA’s new UPPÅTVIND is now available in the company’s stores and also online at the IKEA store.

Various new smart home air purifiers on the market

We recently introduced the Airversa Purelle, the first HomeKit air purifier compatible with Thread. Other new products with a smart home connection from this area were announced in recent weeks: the Smartmi P2, the Smartmi Rainforest and the brand new air cleaning robot Airbot Z1 from Ecovacs. In addition, Meross has now also launched its HomeKit air purifier MAP100. Meross HomeKit air purifier MAP100 starts in Germany in Germany.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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