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Faced with negative headlines again, Adobe shouldn’t be surprised if longtime users are also more serious about switching their workflows to competing applications like Serif’s Affinity programs. Beginning in December, Adobe customers will have to pay separately to use the Pantone color libraries.

Pantone is a graphic color standard from the 1960s that, originating in the United States, quickly spread around the world. The background is the standardization in the print area, so designers and customers should have access to a color selection as early as the design stage, which can then be reproduced in the print shop. The whole is based on a numbering system, on the basis of which the printer can then buy or mix the color chosen by the designer.

Pantone has always made money with this concept, initially mainly through the sale of associated color swatch books and colors and now mainly through licenses. Adobe has always paid to make the Pantone color libraries available in its programs. However, from the coming month, these costs will in any case be partially passed on to the users of the software. Instead of a flat-rate license, a Pantone Connect subscription is required for the monthly price of 14.99 euros to use the main Pantone libraries in the graphics process.

Pantone no longer available even in old documents

Of course it makes sense not to use these libraries, that sounds easier than it is possible in practice. The real annoyance, however, is the fact that the Adobe programs require a corresponding subscription, even in connection with older documents. For example, if you open a document previously created in an Adobe program that uses certain Pantone colors, they are now replaced with black in the display without a subscription.

Designer Iain Anderson goes into detail on the subject in the video below, pointing out several ways to get around the restrictions — or just look at the competition’s software, as current Pantone libraries are still standard in Affinity products. available.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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