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Word, Excel, PowerPoint… everything under one roof. This is roughly the concept of the Microsoft 365 app that Microsoft announced early next year. The new Application Center is intended to replace the previous Office applications and the concept is somewhat reminiscent of the approach Adobe is taking with its Creative Cloud app.

Microsoft now gives us a first glimpse of the new Office concept in an introductory video for the new Microsoft 365 app, which is far too short for our taste. According to Microsoft, the new application will become the central point of contact for everything that has to do with in-house Office applications. The company wants to collect all Office applications and their content, as well as linking to third-party applications and offerings.

The new concept is then extended to all Office application areas. The changes are expected to launch as early as November on the website and then reach the Office apps for mobile devices and Windows early next year. Microsoft has not yet decided what will happen to the Office apps for the Mac, but it would only make sense if the new concept also reached Apple computers in time.

Office subscription as a central product

Last but not least, the new Microsoft campaign should certainly be seen as a further step towards further promoting the Microsoft 365 subscription offer. While Microsoft continues to offer a perpetual license to its Office suite as a one-time purchase, you have to accept that not only are new features not installed through updates, but some features and extensions from the Office 365 subscription are also missing.

Microsoft 365 shows its strengths especially when you use the programs on different devices. For example, the licenses for desktop and mobile devices are included here and you have the option to store your documents centrally in the Microsoft cloud.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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