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The makers of the popular word processor iA Writer have a new horse in the stable with the iA Presenter. Fresh off the semi-public beta phase (interested users should be put on the creators’ waiting list to download the preview), the new project is presentation software that reminds us of competitors like Hyperdeck, Slideas, Freeshow, and Deckset.

Sample version available

The iA Presenter also relies on creating presentations using the simple markdown language Markdown and supports authors with many automated workflows.

Images can be dragged and dropped into presentation designs and are automatically arranged and responsively placed to fit the screen.

To relieve you of design decisions, the iA Presenter comes with numerous design templates, from which you only have to choose the most suitable for the current occasion – also fonts and colors can be quickly selected from various presets and applied to the presentation.

Text-based markdown formatting

And the iA Presenter not only helps with the construction of presentations, but also with the lectures. A reading mode called “Speaker’s View” provides users with voice notes and a timer.

Once the presentation is complete, the app spits out the final presentation document as a PDF file or in plain text.

Neither a release date for the iA Presenter nor the likely retail price has yet been determined. However, in view of the sales strategy pursued with the iA Writer, it can be assumed that the developers will also offer the iA Presenter as a premium app for a one-time purchase and will waive recurring subscription payments.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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