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With the open source project Decker, developer John Earnest offers a software solution for creating interactive documents that can contain multimedia content such as videos and images, but also text, links and scripts.

Tribute to HyperCard

The retro project sees itself as a tribute to the Macintosh application HyperCard, which offered a similar array of features 35 years ago and is considered by many older Mac users to be a classic example of how complex workflows and functions can be made accessible through a simple user interface.

To see Decker in action, visit this website and click through the Decker introduction. If you like what you experienced, the Decker application can be downloaded from the Internet for free or at a pay-what-you-want price and can also be used on current Macs.

Decker 1

Text based, HTML export possible

Decker uses a text-based format that doesn’t enclose your content in the app, making it both easy to read and portable.

According to Earnest, Decker is aimed at all users who are comfortable with the retro aesthetic of the app and want to use it to organize notes, create digital magazines or develop text-based adventure games.

Decker 2

Unlike the HyperCard original, Decker supports an extended undo function and the scroll wheels of connected mice, and can export completed decks as standalone HTML documents.

Available for Mac and Windows

Finished creations can not only be viewed and used in the native desktop applications on Mac and Windows computers, but can also be embedded on websites or sent by email.

We recommend checking out the Decker: A Guided Tour deck and this info webpage.

Decker 3

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