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What many customers do not know is that the online retailer Amazon lists all current promotions that can be used with a personal account at and sorts offers here that are not used anyway because the requirements are not met. .

Amazon promotion

Direct debit, loading and ordering

Depending on the existing account type, you can currently carry a handful of credits that Amazon will spend in the coming days and weeks.

5 euro deduction on next order

Until November 9, many users will get a flat-rate deduction of 5 euros on the next order if it exceeds an order value of at least 15 euros and is both sold and shipped by Amazon.

6 euros for top-up

Until the end of the month, the online retailer will reward you with 6 euros extra if you upgrade your own account with at least 70 euros. Amazon credit can be used as an additional means of payment for orders and service purchases.

5 euros for direct debit

Customers who put direct debit on their account as an additional means of payment are also offered 5 euros.

Amazon Promotions 1400

Review regularly

Customers who qualify for the three promotions and combine them with each other will receive a credit of 16 euros on their next order. Not an offer that will make you fall off your chair, but a nice discount that takes a manageable amount of time and no long-term commitments or fundamental changes.

The personalized overview of the current campaigns on is updated monthly after the individual campaigns and otherwise in principle and can be visited from time to time and browsed briefly.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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